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Haniyeh receives Mideast Swiss envoy

13 November, 17


Hamas’s chief leader, Ismail Haniyeh, received in his office ,Monday, a Swiss delegation headed by Mr. Roland Lauder, the Swiss government's envoy to the Middle East.

The Swiss delegation also included Mr. Julian Harston, the Swiss ambassador to the Palestinian Authority and a number of embassy staff.

During the meeting, the developments of the Palestinian reconciliation and the recent talks that took place in Cairo and the subsequent steps taken by the government to carry out its tasks in the Gaza Strip were discussed in depth.

Haniyeh stressed that Hamas is heading to Cairo with all earnestness  to achieve the success of the reconciliation in order to achieve the implementation of the 2011 Cairo agreement which  includes various files.

Head of the Hamas movement praised the Swiss role which aimed to achieve a conclusive outcome in the public employees file and welcomed its support of the overall Palestinian reconciliation.  


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