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Mass rally in Gaza protesting Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

06 December, 17

Palestinian factions on Wednesday organized a mass rally in Gaza City, denouncing US President Donald Trump's plan to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize it as the capital of the Israeli occupation.

Member of the political bureau of the movement,  Salah Al-Bardawil, said during the march that the Palestinian people will thwart the schemes of Trump like previous schemes, and will continue to struggle until the liberation of their land and holy sites.

Al-Bardawil said, “The world must understand that our resistance and uprising will not show mercy to all those responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people and their schemes that aim to distort our Palestinian history”.

He stressed that Palestine from its sea to its river is the native land of the Palestinian people and no party has the power to steal it from them.

In a speech during the march, the Palestinian factions considered the decision as an American occupation of the city of Jerusalem, stressing the need to accelerate the reconciliation process in order to address Trump’s plan.  

The factions demanded that the PLO withdraw its recognition of Israel, calling for the severing of relations with the occupation and ending the normalization.

In the same context, the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation also called for an emergency meeting  to respond to Trump ‘s decision.


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