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Hamas, Jihad delegations meet in Lebanon

19 December, 17


A delegation from the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas,  headed by member of the movement's political bureau, Musa Abu Marzouq  met with the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah in Beirut.

The Hamas delegation included Maher Salah, Izzat Al-Rishq, Husam Badran, and the representative of the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Ali Baraka, while the Islamic Jihad delegation consisted of Anwar Abu Taha and the representative of the movement in Lebanon, Ihsan Attaya.

The two sides reviewed the latest developments on the Palestinian issue, particularly the repercussions of Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli Occupation and ways to face this unjust decision.

Both Hamas and the Jihad stressed the need to strengthen national unity and support the on-going Intifada in the face of the Israeli Occupation, describing it as “a natural response to Trump’s ruthless decision regarding occupied Jerusalem”.

They also reiterated that Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of Palestine, and that the decision of the American President exposes America’s complicity with the distortion of Palestine’s history and crimes committed against the Palestinians. 

The two delegations further considered that the American position exposed its administration as being a partner in Israel’s crimes rather than the self-proclaimed peace mediator it has so long claimed and found pride in.

In conclusion, the two Palestinian parties paid tribute to the Palestinian people who fought in occupied Palestine and beyond, and to the Arab, Islamic and free people of the world who are standing up today against Trump's decision.  The two parties also  affirmed  their stance that Jerusalem will always be Arab  of and voiced their rejection of the American-Israeli  Judaization policy.


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