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Hamas denies US accusations of responsibility for Gaza crises

18 February, 18

Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas has denied US accusations that it is responsible for the humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier this month, Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s special representative for international negotiations, blamed Hamas for causing “misery” to Gaza’s people by choosing “to increase violence.”

“Hamas rejects the White House claims that it is responsible for Gaza’s aggravating humanitarian crises,” Hamas said in a statement on Sunday.

It described the US accusations as a “green light for the Israeli occupation to continue its aggressive approach against the Palestinian people.”

Hamas blamed the Israeli more than a decade-long blockade on the seaside strip for “Gaza’s humanitarian catastrophe,” which, it says, has been imposed with an explicit US support.”

It went on to hold “successive US administrations responsibility for the tragedies that have plagued the Palestinian people since the beginning of the occupation.”

Home to more than two million people, Gaza has been reeling under a decade-long siege that has badly affected livelihood in the Palestinian territory.

“The US ignored, throughout the history of the conflict, the right of the Palestinian people to live in security and peace on their land,” Hamas said.

The Palestinian group said Trump was seeking to tighten up the blockade with a view to “bringing our people and political forces to their knees for imposing solutions that aim at liquidating their cause.”


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