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Press release: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem is intended negligence of Palestinian rights

24 February, 18

Press Release

On the issue of the US announcement to open its embassy in Jerusalem on May, Hamas Spokesman Abdul-Latif al-Qanou stated the following:

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas considers moving the US embassy to Jerusalem on the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba –the time when the Palestinians were forced out of their homes – an intended negligence of our people and a new aggression on their rights and their holy sites. This is a clear provocation of the feelings of the Islamic and Arab nations.

Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is a violation of the international law and goes against the international conventions. This would never legalise the Zionist occupation of our land or change the reality and identity of Jerusalem.

Hamas stresses that the Palestinians will bravely confront the plan to relocate the US embassy. Hamas warns that this will be the trigger which would detonate the whole area in the face of the Israeli occupation.

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