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Hamas: March of Return will not end unless Palestine refugees return home

28 March, 18

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said on Wednesday that the Great March of Return will not end unless Palestine refugees return to their occupied homes.

Calling for all the Palestinians in Palestine, occupied Palestine and diaspora to effectively take part in the Great March of Return, Haniyeh stressed that this “popular” activity would be “peaceful.”

The Top Hamas leader said that this event is the idea of an international committee and Hamas along with the other Palestinian factions decided to fully take part in it regardless to the political differences.

“In the midst of several dangers and challenges facing the Palestinian cause,” Haniyeh said, “Hamas decided to invest every means to support the steadfastness of the Palestinians in their battle to regain their legitimate rights.”

Regarding the dangers and challenges facing the Palestinians, Haniyeh counted “the American Deal of the Century and the continuous siege on Gaza.”

Haniyeh called for the participants in the Great March of Return to highlight the legal ground of this activity which is stemmed from the UN resolution 194.

He also said that the Israeli occupation would exert much effort to undermine the Great March of Return as it would describe it as an activity belongs to Hamas, would threaten to use violence against it and would deny its popular and peaceful dimension.


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