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Hamas regrets UN Security Council failure to condemn Israeli crimes against unarmed Palestinians

31 March, 18


On the failure of the UN Security Council to condemn Israeli crimes against unarmed Palestinians, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

Hamas deeply regrets the failure of the United Nations Security Council to adopt a resolution condemning the crimes of the Israeli occupation and its violations against unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip.

The movement also condemns the biased American positions that have continually and directly influenced barring UN resolutions in favour of Palestine.  America’s biased policy to the Israeli Occupation will only provide cover for committing more crimes against innocent Palestinian civilians.

Palestinian, regional and international efforts must be carried out to further expose the crimes of the Israeli Occupation and hold it accountable for many years of injustice, pain and misery it has inflicted upon the Palestinian people. More effort must also be exerted to strongly support the rights of the Palestinian people and thwart all policies supporting the Israeli Occupation.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Saturday 31 March 2018


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