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A statement issued by Hamas delegation in Cairo

20 April, 18

A statement issued by Hamas delegation in Cairo

The meeting between the delegation of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas headed by Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, the deputy of Hamas leader, with the Egyptian brothers headed by Minister Abbas Kamel, the chief of the General Intelligence Agency, ended.

The meeting was dominated with frankness and clarity; and a positive and fraternity atmosphere prevailed.

Hamas delegation hailed the role of the Egyptian brothers, mainly that of the General Intelligence Agency over their continuous efforts to achieve the unity of the Palestinians, end the division and implements the Palestinian reconciliation in accordance to Cairo Deal reached in 2011.

Meanwhile, the delegation reiterated its support for these efforts and received an Egyptian promise to facilitate the sufferings of the Palestinians, mainly those in the Gaza Strip, which has been under an 11-year-old Israeli blockade.

The delegation reiterated on Hamas’ persistence to achieve the Palestinian unity which is the sole pathway for the liberation of Palestine and return of refugees, stressing on the importance of affording a positive atmosphere to help achieving this goal.

In this context, Hamas stresses on its commitment to the pathway of the Palestinian reconciliation and the faithful cooperation with the Egyptian efforts based on 2011 and 2017 deals.

On this occasion, Hamas delegation sends its salutes to the Palestinians wherever they are, to those who strive in Jerusalem and those who are involved in the demonstrations of the Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege. Hamas mourns the martyrs, hopes recovery for the wounded and very soon release of the prisoners from the Israeli jails.

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