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A fragile cease-fire between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli Occupation

13 August, 18

by Adnan Abu Amer

Once a round of Israeli aggression on Gaza, which may last a few hours or even days, ends, a new one starts and the cycle continues.

The latest round of Israeli aggression on Gaza, which ended on Friday morning, was no different from the previous ones, even though the Israeli Occupation expanded its bombing range in the latest round, which killed three civilians and levelled civil infrastructure to the ground. Consequently, the Palestinian resistance responded to the Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave by targeting the Israeli Occupation’s military bases. While the two sides were hurtling towards an all-out conflict, the international and regional mediators intervened to curb the flare-up of a full-fledged round of Israeli aggression on Gaza.

No one can guarantee that a new flare-up of fighting between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli Occupation will not be repeated. On the contrary, the possibility of an all-out conflict has raised, as the heightened tension between the two sides is increasing after every round of Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The United Nation and Egypt’s mediation can ease the tension between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli Occupation for a short time, but it cannot halt the war of attrition between the two sides, as the mediators didn’t exert much pressure on both sides to avert a full-fledged conflict.

It’s likely that the Israeli Occupation will launch a new round of aggression on Gaza in the coming hours or days, as each side believes it won the latest round and inflicted heavy losses on the other. However, neither side could force the other to meet its demands.

Such theory will prompt both sides to go into a new round, as both of them believe they can force the other into satisfying its demands taking into consideration that both sides believe they can secure a victory by scoring political points.

There’s a serious possibility surrounding every upcoming round that such round will bring both sides into an all-out conflict, as their options are being limited with time. Both sides also, especially the Israeli Occupation, cannot endure more rounds of field attrition amidst the severe criticism of the Israeli government’s policy towards Gaza.

It’s worth noting that the Palestinian resistance is facing doomsday scenarios that require wisdom and patience when dealing with the Israeli Occupation, who suffers the repercussions of the war of attrition and is under pressure from the Israeli public to change its policy towards Gaza, as one’s ability to self-defense may secure him a victory more than his ability to attack his enemy. 


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