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19 August, 18

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by Mustafa al-Sawwaf

While talks are being held around a ceasefire between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli Occupation, the Palestinian factions’ leaders headed to Cairo and joined to discuss certain issues concerning the Palestinian cause, including the ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation. The Palestinian factions’ participation in the ceasefire talks came at Hamas’ request, so that all the factions will decide on the ceasefire agreement even though Egypt was exerting effort to reach a ceasefire between Hamas and the Israeli Occupation. However, Hamas believed that all the Palestinian factions must decide on the ceasefire agreement, so that all of them must adhere to the agreement. 

Hamas believes that all Palestinian factions must have a say on national matters, as the Movement wants to embody the principle of national partnership and unity and encourage a sense of collective responsibility among the factions. Therefore, if a ceasefire agreement was reached between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli Occupation, all factions must adhere to such an agreement. This principle constitutes a source of strength and popularity for Hamas and the national project.  

The Palestinian factions wanted to reach a ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation in order to improve the humantarian situation in Gaza and pressure the Israeli Occupation to lift its 12-year siege on the coastal enclave without paying a political price in return. The ceasefire will reinforce the Palestinians’ steadfastness in the face of the Israeli Occupation and its ongoing aggression on the civilians.   

Hamas wants to secure a one-year ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation. However, the ceasefire will be extended to five years if both sides adhere to the agreement. 

However, the Palestinian resistance must not lay down its weapons during the ceasefire, but must brace itself to defend the Palestinian people against any Israeli aggression in the future. The Palestinian people must also improve various their means of resistance, as the Israeli Occupation is notorious for violating previous agreements with Palestinian factions.  


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