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What should the Palestinian factions do towards PA security collaboration?

19 September, 18

What should the Palestinian factions do towards PA security collaboration?

The Palestinian factions had condemned, in separate statements the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks in which he boasted about the security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation and his relation with the chief of the Israeli Intelligence Service Nadav Argaman. They also denounced Abbas’ confessions that he maintained ‘regular meetings’ with Argaman, who had brutally tortured many Palestinians.

Criticism and condemnation of Abbas’ policy will not heal the wounds inflicted on the Palestinian cause, nor will it end the tragedy of people who have been suffering from the security collaboration between the PA security forces and the Israeli intelligence service, especially those who had suffered oppression at the hands of the Israeli Occupation forces

The Israeli intelligence’s core work is security information that is employed against the Palestinians in favour of the Zionists occupying all of Palestine, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli intelligence strips the Palestinian people of their dignity. The latest ‘achievement’ of it is perpetrating hundreds of violations against the Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, including detention of (365) civilians, demolition of (35) houses, and (795) break-ins, as well as shooting (114) Palestinians and storming into Al-Aqsa Mosque. All these crimes were committed in August in the West Bank only, let alone Gaza.     

The aforementioned atrocities are the fruit of the security collaboration between the Israeli intelligence and the PA security forces that the Israeli Occupation has reaped at the expense of the Palestinian people who were deprived of their dignity due to the security collaboration that Abbas sanctifies even if it liquidates the Palestinian cause before the Palestinian factions’ eyes.  

Condemnation, opposition, and criticism of Abbas’ policies will not deter him from undermining the Palestinian national consensus. Rather, what is needed is more practical steps: demonstrations, sit-ins, and real opposition that are up to the level of civil disobedience to declare that the security collaboration with the Israeli Occupation is a gross treason, as mentioned in the National Consensus Document that was signed by all Palestinian factions in Cairo in 2011. The paragraph (3) on page (7) of this document states the following:    

“Providing the enemy with information that threatens Palestine and its civilians is considered as a high treason that deserves punishment under the law.”

This poses a question of whether Abbas exchanges information with the chief of the Israeli intelligence during their meetings or not that negatively affected the Palestinians.

It merits noting that the paragraph relating to homeland security in the National Consensus Document was derived from article (140) of the Revolutionary Judiciary Law issued by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1979 that states the following: 

“He, who collaborates with the enemy, provides it with information, or exposes any act of Palestinian resistance to danger shall be sentenced to death.”

Therefore, did Abbas provide the Israeli Intelligence with security information during their meetings? 

We call on all segments of the Palestinian people to file high treason charges against Mahmoud Abbas as per the Revolutionary Judiciary Law that was approved by all the PLO factions and according to the 2011 National Consensus Document, which was signed by all the Palestinian factions including Fatah. 


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