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Press release: Israeli bombing of Al-Aqsa TV aimed to suppress Palestinian voice

12 November, 18

Press Release
Press Release

Commenting on the Israeli airstrikes on the headquarter of Al-Aqsa TV Channel and levelling it to the ground, the Hamas spokesperson Fwazi Barhoum stated the following

Targeting the headquarter of  Al-Aqsa TV Channel and demolishing the building down to the ground is a blatant aggression against journalism and all free voices that are dedicated to communicating reality. This crime reflects the Israeli occupation’s murderous mentality and exposes all its atrocious crimes, terror acts, and abhorrent violations against the Palestinian people.

Therefore, all international, legal, journalistic, and media organizations and bodies are required to denounce this aggressive act against journalism and freedom of expression.

Hamas stresses that such atrocious crimes would never stop the free journalists form continuing their sacred humanitarian and journalistic mission and from exposing the Israeli occupation’s abhorrent violations against the Palestinian people.  

Fawzi Barhoum

Spokesperson of Hamas

Monday, November 12, 2018


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