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Hamas parliamentary delegation meets head of ANC bloc in South Africa's parliament

01 December, 18

The Hamas parliamentary delegation met with the head of the African National Congress bloc in South Africa’s Parliament Jackson Mthembu.

The parliamentary delegation was headed by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahhar and the participating MPs from Change and Reform Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) were Dr. Nabil Abu-Ras, Muhammad Faraj al-Ghul, and Musheer al-Masri.

Mr. Mthembu welcomed the Palestinian delegation and stressed that South Africa stands with the Palestinian people and supports their freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation until they get their independence.

The two sides discussed the developments of the Palestinian issue, especially the Israeli occupation violations in the West Bank including the illegal settlements and judization of the holy city of Jerusalem.  

Dr. Zahhar expressed Hamas and Palestine’s thanks and gratitude to the African National Congress for inviting the Palestinian Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc to visit South Africa.

He also briefed the South African counterparts on the current situation in Palestine, including the Israeli violations in the Jerusalem and the West Bank and the Israeli atrocities perpetrated against the Palestinian peaceful demonstrators at the Great Return March.

The delegation also highlighted many issues, such as the suffering of the Palestinians detained in the Israeli jails, the Israeli violations against MPs, and bilateral cooperation between the two blocs to support the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Marwan Abu-Ras said that the Palestinian National Council has been supporting the Palestinian reconciliation and unity.

The Palestinian MP Musheer al-Masri urged South Africa to exert all possible efforts to indict the Israeli occupation internationally. He clarified that boycotting the Israeli occupation is a necessity at this time, hailing the role of the National African Congress in this regards.

‘South Africa is one of the leading supporting countries for the Palestinian rights,’ al-Masri added.

Mr. Mthembu announced that the African National Congress has decided to reduce the diplomatic representation of the Israeli occupation in South Africa.

He also confirmed that the congress would discuss the possible ways to support the Palestinian people in its coming meeting.

The Palestinian delegation concluded the meeting by delivering an invitation to the South African parliamentarians to visit the Gaza Strip and the PLO.


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