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Hamas demands factions to develop ‘national rescue plan’ to stop Abbas’ dictatorship

07 January, 19

On the Palestinian Authority's decision to withdraw its officers from the Gaza border crossings, the spokesperson of Hamas stated the following:

The Abbas’ move to withdraw the Palestinian Authority officers from the Gaza border crossings is a continuation of Abbas-imposed punitive measures against the people of Gaza. Furthermore, it highlights his direct involvement in the ‘Deal of the Century’, especially the terms related to isolating and creating chaos in the Gaza Strip aiming to pressure its people to accept the US and Israeli schemes.

The punitive measures reflect the moral and national fall of Abbas and his team. They also highlight the deep despair and complete failure of Abbas and his team after imposing sanctions on their people.

The Palestinian people deal with a split personality [Mahmoud Abbas], which is backed by a small group of hypocrites and adulators. Indeed, Abbas gambles on Palestine and endangers the Palestinian cause in order to ruin the national project of the Palestinians.

In cooperation with all the Palestinian factions, Hamas will fulfil its national duty, defend the Palestinian people, and protect their interests.

Hamas demands all the national leaders and icons to fulfil their responsibility by pressuring Abbas, whose presidential term finished in 2009, to repudiate his dictatorial policies.

We demand the Palestinian factions and leaders to develop an “urgent plan of national rescue” to undermine Abbas’ policies and expose his awful schemes. The plan should prevent further deterioration and crises that Abbas and his team are eager to create.

Fawzi Barhoum

Spokesperson of Hamas


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