Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Bargothi’s detention by Israeli Occupation

08 January, 19

Commenting on the detention of Asem al-Bargothi by the Israeli Occupation forces, Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

By hunting Palestinian freedom fighters, the Israeli Occupation mistakenly thinks that it could dissuade the Palestinian people from resisting the occupation.

The Israeli Occupation has to realise that the right to resist occupation is entrenched in the Palestinian people and that its attempts to abolish such right are doomed to failure.

As long as the Israeli occupation usurps the land of Palestine, the Palestinians will continue resisting the occupation with all means possible.

Celebrating al-Bargothi’s detention proves that the Israeli Occupation stives for scoring empty victories by which it could fool the Israeli people.  

Hamas hails the Palestinians in the West Bank for supporting the Palestinian freedom fighters despite all Israeli threats against them.

Particularly, the movement praises al-Bargothi family for making great sacrifices for the sake of resisting the occupation.

Hamas movement

January 8, 2019


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