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Abdulhadi succeeds Baraka as Hamas Representative in Lebanon

10 January, 19

The former Hamas Representative  in Lebanon Ali Baraka handed over the post to the Hamas leader Ahmed AbdulHadi today Thursday.

The member of Hamas Political Bureau Ezzat al-Rishq presided over the ceremony held in Hamas office.

The senior Hamas leader thanked Baraka for his efforts exerted over eight years in office wishing all the best to his successor Ahmed AbdulHadi.

In turn, Baraka praised the Hamas leadership for the trust it put in him over his two 4-year terms in office.

The newly appointed representative of Hamas Dr. Ahmed AbdulHadi thanked Ali Baraka and stressed that he will maintain the national constants the former representatives have honored.

He concluded that the core of his work is boosting the Palestinian relations with Lebanon, improving the living conditions in Lebanon-based refugee camps, and keeping the Palestinians away of any political disputes.


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