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Great Return March to continue until Palestinian demands are met

12 January, 19

The Palestinian masses have participated in the Great March of Return for the 42nd Friday in a row to prove that they will continue their popular and peaceful protests along the Gaza eastern borders with non-violent means of resistance, Hamas spokesperson Abdel Latif al-Qanoa said.

In a tweet on Friday, al-Qanoa added that the Palestinian people would break the Israeli siege on Gaza with “steely determination and legendary steadfastness.”

Tens of thousands took to the Gaza eastern borders on the 42nd Friday of the Great March of Return to demand their right of return to their homeland and the 12-year Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip to be lifted.    

Israeli Occupation forces killed a Palestinian woman and wounded 25 others while violently quelling last Friday of the popular protests along the Gaza eastern borders, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported late Friday.

The Palestinians have been taking part in the Great March of Return since March 30 on a weekly basis to protest against the Israeli siege on Gaza and demand their right of return.


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