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Bilateral relations between Hamas and Egypt are developing

17 January, 19

The bilateral relations between Hamas and Egypt have developed over the past year, Hamas leader Taher al-Nunu said,

In a televised interview broadcast by Al-Aqsa TV channel, al-Nunu added that an Egyptian security delegation assured Hamas that Egypt would keep the Rafah crossing open in its latest visit to Gaza.

Al-Nunu noted that the Rafah crossing was working in one direction for security reasons related to Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

“A senior delegation from Hamas will visit Cairo soon”, al-Nunu added.  

Regarding the Egyptian security delegation’s latest visit, al-Nun said that the outcomes of this visit were very important, as the meeting came after the Palestinian Authority’s decision to pull its staff from the Rafah crossing.  

The Egyptian officials reiterated their commitment to continue exerting efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli Occupation, especially after occupation’s refusal to implement some of the ceasefire understandings, al-Nunu noted.

Al-Nunu added that the Egyptian delegation confirmed that Egypt would go forward with more steps to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza. 

Concerning the PA’s political arrests of Palestinian in the West Bank, al-Nunu said that the PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s measures are aimed to conceal his “political failure.”

Al-Nunu condemned the security coordination between the PA and the Israeli Occupation.

Regarding the Israeli Occupation’s April election, The Palestinian people will not be used as a pawn in the Israeli elections.


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