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Hamas offers Fatah four options to restore national unity

26 January, 19

Hamas has offered Fatah four options to restore and achieve national unity, Deputy Chief of Hamas Saleh al- Arouri said late Friday.

In an interview on Friday evening broadcast by al-Aqsa TV channel, al-Arouri said that Hamas suggested four options to heal the Palestinian split: holding general elections, forming a unified National Council, organising the Provisional Leadership Framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), or forming a national unity government supervised by the Legislative Council.

Al-Arouri indicated that Hamas wasn’t seeking a majority in any Palestinian institution.

Hamas suggested holding a unified national council outside of Palestine so that all Palestinian factions could participate, but Fatah insisted to hold it in Ramallah, al-Arouri noted.

To heal the internal division and restructure the trajectory of Palestinian politics, al-Arouri added, Hamas called for holding the Provisional Leadership Framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and forming a national unity government to take decisive decisions regarding the contested issues.

Al-Arouri stressed that the Palestinian people would not be able to end the occupation and achieve their demands unless they resort national unity.

Hamas will not backtrack on its pursuit to restore national unity in order to combat the conspiracies threatening the Palestinian cause, al-Arouri confirmed.  

Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails

The Hamas Deputy Chief condemned the violent Israeli crackdown on Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli jails as a “coward attack.”

Al-Aruouri noted that the Israeli Occupation escalated its aggressive policies against the Palestinian detainees after the Israeli government announced early election, adding that Hamas will not accept the Israeli crackdown on Palestinian prisoners to be used as a political stunt.  

Al-Arouri called on all segments of the Palestinian people to express solidarity with the Palestinian detainees and exert more efforts to pressure the Israeli Occupation to end its aggressive policies against them.

Ceasefire talks

Al-Arouri denied that the Palestinian resistance had signed any ceasefire agreement with the Israeli Occupation.

He added that the National Committee of the Great March of Return agreed to reduce the intensity of the peaceful, popular protests along Gaza’s eastern border fence in return for a halt of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

 “We demanded a sea lane for all the Palestinian people, not only the Gazans, for exporting goods,” al-Arouri noted.


Regarding the Israeli plans to take over al-Aqsa Mosque, al-Arouri called on the Arab and Islamic nations to exert more efforts to protect the Muslims’ third shrine from the Israeli schemes and support the Palestinian people in occupied Jerusalem.

Concerning the US move to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli Occupation’s capital, al-Arouri urged the Arab and Islamic states to take a firm stance to counter this decision. 

“Deal of the Century”

Al-Arouri said that the so-called “Deal of the Century” was an Israeli vision adopted and backed by the United States to establish a state in Gaza and put the West Bank under the Israeli control.

The senior Hamas official noted that some parties in the region were working to pass the US-darted “Deal of the Century”, describing them as “illegitimate regimes”.

Al-Arouri reiterated that Hamas rejected a “state of Palestine established without Gaza, nor with Gaza alone.”


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