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Hamas condemns Israeli settlers' crime in Mughayir village

27 January, 19

Commenting on the Israeli settlers’ abhorrent crime against Palestinian civilians in Mughayir village near Ramallah that led to killing a Palestinian civilian, Hamas Movement states the following:

The Israeli settlers’ violent attack on Mughayir village and opening live fire on Palestinian civilians under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces is a crime reflecting the aggressive nature of the occupation.

This atrocious act highlights the grave danger posed by Israeli settlement outposts engulfing the West Bank and providing shelters to Israeli murders, killers, and extremists. Such Israeli groups commit flagrant violations against the Palestinian people and their properties on a daily basis.

The Palestinians residents of Mughayir village resisted the attack bare chested, reflecting the great spirit of resistance cultivated in the Palestinian people. Today’s incident is a new phase of the village’s freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation. Indeed, the struggle of the Palestinians residing in Mughayir village has never stopped, as they organise a weekly demonstration against settlement expansion and Israeli attacks on Palestinian villagers and their properties.

The reaction of the Palestinian residents of Mughayir is an honorable act, as they stood together fighting off the attacking settlers.

Indeed, Hamas hails the Palestinian residents of Mughayir for their great sacrifice and expresses support for them for defending their hometown. In addition, Hamas honours the Palestinian guy murdered by the Israeli settlers Hamdi Taleb Na’san and wishes the wounded a speedy recovery.

The movement reiterates that the Palestinian people are entitled to resist the Israeli occupation and its aggressions, as per the international law.

Finally, Hamas stresses that the Palestinian blood would never be the trump card for Israeli extremist groups in the Israeli electoral race. Such aggressions will backfire with acts of resistance.

What is taken by force, nothing can restore it but force.

Hamas Movement

Saturday, January 26, 2019


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