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Hamas urges Fatah to give Palestinian people ‘right to elect leaders’

29 January, 19

Hamas Movement announced that it is prepared to implement all decisions taken consensually by the Palestinian factions including the general elections.

In a press release, member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran said Tuesday that Hamas was ready to exercise all options reflecting national consensus, above all general elections.

Badran called on Fatah to grant the Palestinian people their “right to elect their leadership at all levels.”

“Fatah refuses to form a national unity government and hold general elections,” Badran added, noting that Fatah has not enforced any of the reconciliation deals, including the 2017 Reconciliation Agreement, signed by all the Palestinian factions. 

Badran stressed that Fatah’s move to dissolve the national consensus government and form a new one excluding Hamas and Islamic Jihad reflects its monopoly of power and unilateralism.


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