Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on PA’s arrest of Jerusalem MP Abu Salem

02 February, 19

Commenting on the arrest of Palestinian MP Ibrahim Abu Salem in Jerusalem by PA security forces, Hamas states the following:

While failing to repulse the Israeli crimes in the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority security forces have escalated their aggressions against Hamas members and officials through political arrests, torture, crackdown, and night raids.

In defiance of religious norms and national standards, the PA security forces detained today the member in the Palestinian Legislative Council in Jerusalem Dr. Ibrahim Abu Salem.

We condemn the PA’s arrest of Abu Salem as blatant aggression and flagrant disregard to the Palestinian figures and their sacrifices.

Indeed, the detention of Abu Salem, one of the most prominent national figures known for backing the option of national reconciliation, is aimed at undermining national unity.

Hamas reiterates that the PA’s policy: bullying, cracking down, and violating freedoms, will aggravate the Palestinian people’s suffering and seriously harm their cause while they are in a bad need for national unity and reconciliation to fight off the Israeli aggressions and schemes targeting their cause.   

Hamas Movement

February 2, 2019


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