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Press release issued by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on Egypt visit

05 February, 19

Press release issued by Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the sidelines of their visit to Cairo

The leaderships of Hamas and Islamic Jihad held a lengthy meeting and discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause. They highlighted the factors that may contribute to abolishing Palestinian constants in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the 1948 occupied territories, and in the diaspora. Moreover, the Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s officials put forward possible ways to fight off the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause.

In their meeting, characterised by a friendly atmosphere, both sides agreed on the following: 

First: Hamas and Islamic Jihad reiterated that boosting the bilateral relations they maintain is necessary to preserve the Palestinian people’s national constants. In addition, they hailed the Palestinian people for embracing the option of resistance with all means possible, above all the armed struggle against the Israeli occupation. Hamas and Islamic Jihad lauded the Palestinian people for standing steadfast and making enormous sacrifices to achieve their demands. 

Second: They stressed that restoring national unity and ending the internal division based on national partnership is necessary to foil the “Deal of the Century”.

Third: Both groups called for forming a national unity government, labelling this formation a necessary step. The future government shall shoulder the responsibility of holding consensual general elections. It shall also restructure the Palestinian home, without taking any move or considering any proposals that may deepen the internal rift.

Fourth: Both sides agreed to cooperate and spare no effort to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people while combating the challenges and dangers posed to their cause and foiling the conspiracies targeting their cause.

Fifth: The resistance movements reiterated that the Great Return March protests should continue as a form of national, popular, and peaceful resistance. Moreover, they agreed to develop the mass demonstrations’ tools to ensure their continuation until the Palestinian people achieve their demands.

Sixth: The Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaderships reaffirmed that the Egyptian mediation to resort national unity is highly appreciated. In addition, they welcomed any call for future meetings, held in Cairo, that promote national partnership and consensus.    

Seventh: Both leaderships thanked Egypt for endeavoring to ease the Israeli siege on Gaza and for readiness to facilitate the travel of the besieged enclave’s residents by keeping the Rafah crossing open in both directions.

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February 5, 2019


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