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Press release on Hamas Chief's meeting with Egyptian Intelligence

05 February, 19

A senior delegation from Hamas Political Bureau has met with the Egyptian Intelligence Minister General Abbas Kamel in Cairo. During the meeting, both sides highlighted the following points:

First: The Hamas delegation and the Egyptian officials stressed that they maintain rock-solid relations and that Egypt tremendously supports the Palestinian people until restoring freedom and independence. Both sides agreed to boost their bilateral relations to serve the shared interests of Egypt and the Palestinian people.

Second: the Hamas delegation and the Egyptian officials discussed the latest political developments of the Palestinian cause pertaining to Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, crippling Israeli-imposed siege on Gaza, Israeli settlement expansion that has engulfed the West Bank, and suffering of the Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli jails.

The movement reiterated that it rejects all schemes aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause whether the ‘Deal of the Century’ or any other projects.

Third: Both sides discussed the Palestinian situation, highlighting the compelling need to restore the Palestinian national unity, achieve national reconciliation, promote national partnership, and end the intra-Palestinian division. They also stressed that implementing the previously signed reconciliation agreements, promoting a positive atmosphere to hold comprehensive Palestinian dialogue, and forming a national unity government are necessary steps that should be taken as soon as possible. The future national unity government should, furthermore, shoulder the responsibility of holding general elections, blocking the separation of the Gaza Strip from Palestine, and re-build a rigid Palestinian political structure.

Fourth: the Hamas delegation and the Egyptian officials discussed the economic situation and dire humanitarian conditions that have been deteriorating due to the 12-year suffocating Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip. In turn, the Egyptian officials reiterated the necessity to abide by the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire understandings and to organise the protests for sparing the Palestinian people’s lives and keeping the march a peaceful and popular form of resistance.

Fifth: the Hamas delegation extended thanks to Egypt for keeping the Rafah crossing open in both directions and for facilitating the movement of the Gazan travelers. General Abbas Kamel said the Egyptian Authorities are about to finish developing the border crossing and operation mechanism to facilitate the movement of travelers and goods entry into the enclave.

Sixth: The senior Hamas official reiterated that preserving the security of Egypt is of Hamas’ priorities and hence the movement seeks improvement of coordination to ensure the security of both Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Moreover, Hamas briefed the Egyptian officials on new cross-border procedures taken by the Palestinian Security Forces along the Gaza-Egypt borders. In turn, Egypt thanked Hamas for their endeavorus in this regard

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019


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