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Israeli detention of Hamas MP is a ‘double targeting of legitimate institutions’

07 February, 19

The detention of Hamas MP Ibrahim Dahbor by Israeli Occupation early Wednesday is a “double targeting of Palestinian MPs,” member of the Legislative Council Fathi al-Qara’awi said.

In a press release, al-Qara’awi added that such a move would never undermine the role of the legitimate institutions, noting that reactivating these bodies is a very important step to fight off the occupation. 

Al-Qara’awi added that the latest ‘double targeting’ of Palestinian MPs proved that theses detentions were aimed to pass political proposals to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Hamas MP called for restoring national unity through the legitimate institutions, which embody the internal political partnership.

Regarding the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, al-Qara’awi urged all sides to take a serious stance towards the Israeli atrocities and activate the elected institutions, instead of dissolving them. 


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