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Press release on the Palestinian massive gathering at al-Aqsa to fight off the occupation’s violations

22 February, 19

On the Palestinian massive gathering at al-Aqsa to tackle the Israeli crackdown on the holy city, Hamas Movement states the following:

The Palestinian masses, who gathered at al-Aqsa today, have scored a new peaceful victory against the Israeli occupation despite the Israeli threats and arrests. Today, the Palestinian people confirmed practically that al-Aqsa is a red line the Israeli occupation could not cross. It would neither change its structure nor control the holy city of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian people have made great sacrifices for the sake of their third shrine, highlighting that they would not be deterred by the Israeli tyranny and suppression. Indeed, the Palestinians have confirmed today that they adopt the option of resistance with all means possible. Furthermore, they demonstrated that the Palestinian dictionary does not include the word ‘surrender’.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation has to understand the message of the Palestinian masses who have defended al-Aqsa bare-chested. The occupation must stop its violations against al-Aqsa and halt its schemes aimed to judaize the holy city.

Hamas hails the Palestinian people, institutions, and factions for their honorable steadfastness in al-Aqsa and for defending the holy city. In addition, they have used their full capacity to direct the compass of the Palestinian people onto a central and unarguable issue, which is al-Aqsa.

Meanwhile, the Arab and Islamic nations along with all free people of the world should halt any form of normalisation with the Israeli occupation that violates the Palestinian people’s rights and attacks the holy sites in Palestine. In addition, Hamas calls on them to provide support for Jerusalem that is necessary for the freedom struggle of the Palestinians against their sole enemy, who is the Israeli occupation.

Hamas Movement

February 22, 2019


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