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Hamas urges Libyan authorities to quash unfair verdicts against Palestinians

25 February, 19

Hamas movement condemns the unfair verdicts issued by a Libyan court against Marwan AbdulQader al-Ashqar, his son Bara’, Mua’aed Jamal Abed, and Naseeb Muhammad Shqeir. Indeed, all of these Palestinian citizens, who are temporarily hosted by Libya, have stayed there to study or to secure livelihood.

Following the verdicts, Hamas would like to highlight some points:

  1. AbdulQader al-Alashqar has lived in Libya since 1989 and he, along with the other Palestinian citizens, has never interfered in the Libyan demostic affairs or done anything that might have affected the security of Libya. In addition, his son Bara’ was arrested when he was a 14-year-old minor.
  2. Hamas has preferred to keep silence for a long time in spite of the torture and oppression endured by these Palestinian citizens. The movement has contacted many sides in a bid to solve this issue, but the response was surprising unfair verdicts.
  3. Hamas urges Libyan authorities and official bodies to intervene immediately in order to stop this oppression.

The Palestinian people have been enduring enormous suffering caused by the Israeli occupation and this is enough for them. The Arab and Islamic countries along with the free people of the world should rather provide support and show solidarity with the Palestinian people than increase their pain.

Hamas Movement

February 25, 2019


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