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Hamas calls for national unity to combat Israeli occupation

22 March, 19

Hamas official Rafat Morra restated on Thursday the movement’s commitment to foiling any proposal, including the “Deal of the Century”, threatening the Palestinian people’s national, humanitarian, and political rights.

In a press release on the 15th anniversary of  assassinating the Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin by the Israeli occupation forces, Morra said that national unity is one of the most significant points that the Palestinian people must take into account to stand steadfast in the face of the occupation.

Morra noted that Hamas was keen on healing the internal rift and thwarting all schemes aimed at weakening the fabric of the Palestinian society.

The Hamas official called for an inclusive national dialogue in which all factions and decision makers can take part to seek a way out of this situation, form a national unity government, halt the PA’s security collaboration with the Israeli occupation.    

Morra reiterated the necessity to lift all punitive measures imposed by the Palestinian Authority on Gaza and ensure true representation of the Palestinian refugees abroad.

The Hamas official saluted the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza for standing steadfast in the face of the occupation.


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