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Hamas denounces Trump’s recognition of Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over occupied Golan Heights

22 March, 19

On the Trump’s recognition of Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over occupied Golan Heights, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum states the following:

Hamas vehemently condemns the Trump’s announcement that the US administration recognizes the Israeli occupation’s sovereignty over Golan Heights, occupied by the Israeli occupation in 1967.

This dramatic move reflects the Trump administration’s hegemony and aggressive policy in the region. Such moves are intended to legalize the Israeli occupation and usurp the property and land of the Arab states. Adhering to such policies, the Trump administration creates new crises that fragment security and stability in the Middle East.

The Israeli occupation is nothing but a colonial, occupying, and apartheid force that fuels terror in the region.

Hamas calls on the Arab and Islamic nations and the free people of the world to fight off and isolate the Israeli occupation. They also shoulder the responsibility of exposing the Israeli schemes and violations to the whole world.

As the Israeli occupation triggers all upheavals in the region, peace and stability could only be achieved after ending the Israeli occupation.

Fawzi Barhoum

Hamas spokesperson

March 22, 2019


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