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Hamas condemns Israeli occupation’s violent crackdown on Palestinian detainees in Negev prison

25 March, 19

The Palestinian detainees held in the Israeli jails have the right to self-defense against the Israeli violations and attacks. Accordingly, the movement hails the detainees’ reaction against the Israeli crackdown and serious violations in Israeli Negev Prison.

Hamas warns the Israeli occupation against any new violations, especially the Israeli Prison Service which violently cracks down on the Palestinian detainees in Negev prison.

Hamas deplores and rejects the Israeli policies aimed to quell the Palestinian detainees or threaten their lives. The Palestinian people, including national factions, will continue to support and defend the Palestinian detainees until they restore their freedom.

Hamas calls for launching a popular campaign by all segments of the Palestinian people and factions immediately to express solidarity with the Palestinian detainees and to work with different institutions at all levels to protect and pressure the Israeli occupation to end its crackdown on them.

Hamas urges all human rights groups to break the silence and take immediate action to protect the Palestinian detainees and put an end to the ongoing Israeli crimes against them.

Hamas Movement

March 25, 2019


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