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Press release on Abbas’ speech at 30th Arab Summit

01 April, 19

Commenting on the PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the 30th Arab Summit, Hamas movement states the following:

We followed up the speech of the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas at the 30th Arab Summit held in Tunisia.

Abbas’ speech is a pointless list of historical events highlighting political failure, deterioration, and splits resulted from his policy of unilateralism and monopoly of power. Over the past years, Abbas has counted on awful political deals, the Israeli occupation, and the US administration, while he has ignored the real trump cards that are internal unity, resistance, and national partnership.

Abbas’ unjustifiably ignored the sacrifices made by the Palestinian people, especially their great steadfastness at the Great Return March. On the first anniversary of the march, the Palestinian people drew up an honorable image for the Palestinian freedom struggle and peaceful resistance. They gathered peacefully at the Gaza’s eastern borders to protest against the 12-year Israeli blockade imposed on Gaza and to demand the occupation implement the UN Resolution 194.

Hamas regrets that Abbas ignored the suffering of the Palestinian victims killed by the Israeli occupation, the Israeli violent crackdowns on the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails, the Israeli violations across the West Bank, the daily Israeli bombardment on Gaza, the Israeli killing of civilians at the Great Return March, and the crippling Israeli siege on Gaza.

The claims made by Abbas that he pays half of the PA’s budget to Gaza are untrue. Having dismissed dozens of thousands of the PA public servants and forced the others to retire, Abbas goes on with his punitive measures on the Gaza Strip. The list of Palestinian martyrs and detainees in the Israeli jails whom Abbas has cut off their monthly stipends is another proof that Abbas' claims are false.

As Abbas claimed that Hamas hindered reconciliation, the PA president does nothing but manipulates the truth. Hamas has made enormous concessions and responded positively to the Egyptian and all other endeavours to achieve reconciliation. On the contrary, Abbas has blocked all efforts to promote intra-Palestinian reconciliation.

Out of national responsibility, Hamas confirms today that national unity is a top priority for the movement. We are prepared for reconciliation based on the 2011 Cairo Agreement and the previously signed reconciliation agreements.

Finally, Hamas thinks that putting forward a national strategy consensusly is extremely important to face the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause, above all the Deal of the Century.

Hamas Movement

Sunday, March 31, 2019


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