Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on detention of Hamas official by Israeli occupation

02 April, 19

Commenting on the detention of Hassan Yousef, a prominent national figure, by Israeli occupation forces, Hamas states the following:

Yousef’s detention comes a part of the Israeli attempts to distance the influential, national figures from the Palestinian political arena. These attempts are doomed to failure in front of a prominent figure as Yousef who dedicates his life to serve the Palestinian cause.

Yousef will remain an effective figure in the national work, whose voice will never be silenced under no circumstances, as he’s one of those who always for national unity and option of resistance and takes part in every national event serving the national project. 

 Yousef’s detention proves that Hamas officials and members are always targeted by the Israeli occupation. Yet, they will continue their  national work based on the option of resistance and ending the occupation. All those who embraced this option will be a partner of Hamas in terms of its policy. 

Hamas Movement

April 2, 2019


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