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Hamas chief voices support for Jordan in face of foreign pressures

03 April, 19

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said Tuesday that Hamas is standing with Jordan in the face of the “foreign pressures, especially from the US and Israeli occupation, who are seeking to change the region’s political geography.”

During a visit to the Jordanian Hospital in Gaza, Haniyeh added that some sides were working to change the region’s political geography in order to pressure the decision makers into accepting the US-drafted “Deal of the Century”.

Haniyeh reiterated that his movement would never accept any solution for the Palestinian issue at the expense of Jordan and its sovereignty.

The Hamas chief confirmed that the so-called “Deal of the Century” targets Palestine, Jordan, and the Palestinian refugees at home and abroad.

“When the Jordanian King says ‘No’ to all proposals aimed at liquidating the Palestine, refugee, and Jerusalem issues, we are with him in the face of pressures so that he will stick firm to the Palestinian Arab constants,” Haniyeh added.

Haniyeh reiterated his movement’s rejection to any proposal aimed at resettling the Palestinian refugees wherever they exist, especially if it was at the expense of Jordan’s sovereignty.  

The top Hamas official praised Jordan’s stances towards the Palestinian cause and the Palestinians, in general. 

Haniyeh thanked the Jordanian medical mission in Gaza, in particular, and the Jordanian king, government, and people for supporting the Palestinian people and their just cause.

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