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Fatah-led government lacks national consensus, Hamas chief says

06 April, 19

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh condemned on Friday the formation of a new Fatah-led government as a “step opposing national unity.”

During a Friday sermon at Beit Lahia Mosque, in northern Gaza, Haniyeh stressed that the new government, led by Mohammed Ishtaya, lacked national consensus and had no political, national, strategic, or economic bases.

Haniyeh reiterated that national unity is a strategic option for Hamas saying, “The reconciliation is a must-do order, including the implementation of all signed deals and the formation of a faction from all factions.”     

The top Hamas official confirmed that the Palestinian people would continue their peaceful, popular protests east of Gaza until the siege is lifted on the impoverished enclave and the occupation is ended.

Haniyeh noted that Hamas was working in three directions to pressure the Israeli occupation to respond to the Palestinians’ demands, describing the ceasefire efforts as positive. 

Saluting the Palestinian people for marking the Palestinian Land Day last Saturday, Haniyeh hailed the Joint Room of the Resistance Factions for defending the Palestinian people against the Israeli crimes. 


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