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Press release on remarks made by Oman Foreign Minister

08 April, 19

We have heard the remarks made by Omani Foreign Minister Yousef bin Alawi in the World Economic Forum, held at the Dead Sea in Jordan, in which he called on the Arab states to assure the Israeli occupation of its future and ally its fears.  Shocked by this strange stance, Hamas expresses its absolute rejection of these remarks that defy the truth and logic.

With no moral and political sense, the victim is being asked to assure the victimiser of its future, who has the strongest military in the region and systematically carry out killings against the Palestinian people, cause destruction to their properties, occupy their lands, desecrate their holy sites, judaize Jerusalem, while threatening the region and contravening the international law.  

These comments have bypassed the pro bono normalisation with the Israeli occupation and reached a stage of inventing excuses for the occupation and calling for understanding its alleged “fears”.

Such regretful remarks disappoint the Palestinian people, harm their cause, and weaken the Arab, Islamic, and Palestinian position, as well as encouraging the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes against the Palestinians.  

We call on the Omani FM along with other Arab officials and leaders to backtrack on his position and end all forms of normalisation with the Israeli occupation, urging him to take true and bold stances in support of the Palestinian people and their right of independence until they end the occupation, return the Palestinian refugees, and restore their lands and sacred sites in order to bring true peace, security and stability to the region.

Hamas Movement

April 8, 2019


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