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Press release on South Africa’s downgrading of ties with Israeli occupation and demoting the embassy to liaison office

09 April, 19

On South Africa’s downgrading of ties with the Israeli occupation and demoting the embassy to a liaison office, Hamas movement states the following:

Hamas has followed up with great interest the announcement by South African Minister of International Relations and Co-operation Lindiwe Sisulu that South Africa has decided to downgrade political ties with the Israeli occupation and demote the South African embassy to a liaison office.

We express our thanks and gratitude to South Africa for this advanced step that enormously pressures the Israeli occupation to backtrack on its aggressive and racist policies against the Palestinian people. This move, moreover, pushes the Israeli occupation to meet the Palestinian rights to freedom and independence. Still, the Palestinian people are looking forward to adopting similar policies that would end up with absolute boycott to the Israeli occupation.

Downgrading political ties has great significance and different dimensions. Symbolically, South Africa and its people are icons of resistance against an apartheid regime, which is a typical copy of the Israeli occupation. On the political level, the South African move isolates and alienate the Israeli occupation in the countries that adhere to freedom and justice.

That Sisulu made her announcement during the annual Israeli Apartheid Week is not a conincidence. This decision was taken following a call from activist students to isolate the Israeli occuation, just as the apartheid system in South Africa.

South Africa's decision was a response to a call made by all Palestinian factions and institutions to support the decades-long Palestinian struggle for justice.

Today, we urge the world countries to go for similar steps in order to boycott and isolate the Israeli occupation until the Palestinian people restore their rights to freedom and independence.

Hamas Movement

April 9, 2019 


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