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Proposals about annexing part of Sinai to Gaza unacceptable, Hamas official says

10 April, 19

Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official
Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mosa Abu Marzouq said Tuesday that annexing a part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to Gaza is unacceptable by all of the Palestinian people and factions.

In a tweet, Abu Marzouq added that the Palestinian people would never accept any alternative to their homeland, Palestine, stressing that they would continue resisting with all means possible until ending the occupation.

Abu Marzouq’s remarks came following reports of a new plan to annex a large slice of northern Sinai to Gaza.

“These reports may be part of the “Deal of the Century,” Abu Marzouq concluded, stressing that the Palestinian people will never allow the US-drafted plan to pass, as it targets their national cause.


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