Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Palestinian Prisoner Day

17 April, 19

On the occasion of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas stated the following:

The Palestinian people commemorate the anniversary of the Palestinian Prisoner Day, while thousands of Palestinian detainees, including children, women, and elderly people, are still held in the Israeli jails.

A new anniversary comes and the Palestinians’ suffering from Israeli arrest has not ended yet. How this could happen while the Israeli occupation to Palestine perpetuates and the Palestinian people continue to resist this occupation, given that the price of this path to freedom is fraught with home demolition, displacement, killing, injuring, and arrest.

This anniversary comes, while about 6000 Palestinians, including 46 women and 250 children, are still held in Israeli jails.    

As the Palestinian detainees fought the Israeli crackdown, they have taught us a lesson about high spirits after the Israeli Prison Service failed to crush their will. To protest against the Israeli attacks and aggression against them, the detainees launched an open-ended mass hunger strike and fought for their rights before the Israeli Prison Service agreed to their demands in a remarkable victory that proves that the years-long detention has not broken their resolve to restore freedom, for which they were detained.

While the Palestinian people on this national day recall a history of sacrifices made by the Palestinian detainees,  Hamas states the following: 

First: We congratulate the Palestinian detainees on their win, a part of a string of victories claimed by the Palestinian people to liberate their lands completely.

Second: The issue of the Palestinian detainees is a top priority for Hamas and supporting it is one step ahead of soon-to-be release. 

Third: We call on the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nations to continue demonstrating solidarity with the Palestinian detainees and supporting their cause. We urge the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, along with all human rights groups and the free people of the World to act immediately to pressure the Israeli occupation to end all forms of oppression and aggression against the Palestinian detainees and immediately release them.

Fourth: The systematic oppression of the Palestinian detainees, by introducing death penalty bill and creating a committee to abolish their rights, is a flagrant breach of international laws and conventions, above all the third Geneva Convention that provides a wide range of protection for prisoners and the Charter of the United Nations. This violation prompts the Palestinian Authority, the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to prosecute the Israeli war criminals at international forums.

Fifth: We thank the media outlets for its unique role in covering and raising awareness of the issue of the Palestinian detainees and exposing the Israeli crimes against them. Hamas urges media agencies to shed much light on the suffering of the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails and highlight the humanitarian aspect of their protest as a struggle for their humanitarian rights until they restore their freedom. 

We in Hamas hail the Palestinian detainees for standing steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation and voice our complete support in actions and words until they get their freedom.  

Hamas Movement

April 17, 2019


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