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Hamas official responds to Greenblatt’s scathing remarks

24 April, 19

Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran condemned the US special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt’s remarks in which he attacks the Palestinian resistance movement.

“Greenblatt, in his latest article, combines between ignorance, hatred, and blind bias towards the Israeli occupation,” Badran said. Greenblatt “twists the facts that every Palestinian child knows, not to mention experts.”

Badran added that the occupation is the root cause of the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza, in the occupied territories, and in the diaspora.

“The Palestinian people have been living in difficult conditions for more than 70 years, [since 1948] when the Israeli occupation to their lands started after killing and displacing the Palestinians,” Badran stressed.

“That was decades before the foundation of Hamas and the other Palestinian factions,”   he added.

In his latest article, published in the New York Times, Greenblatt blamed Hamas for the deteriorating situation in Gaza, exonerating the Israeli occupation, which has been imposing a tight siege on the impoverished territory for more than 13 years, of any blame.


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