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Abbas keeps Palestinian people busy with ‘catastrophic’ troubles, Hamas official says

26 April, 19

Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya said Wednesday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas insisted on making up “catastrophic” troubles to keep the Palestinian people busy from confronting the challenges aimed at liquidating their cause.

In a press release, al-Hayya demonstrated that the “isolationist” government formed by Abbas, whose term had expired, lacked constitutional and national legitimacy and amounted to a “coup” on all national agreements.  

Al-Hayya noted that Abbas’ move came to prove that he does not respect the rule of law, the Palestinian constitution, and national norms.

Describing the newly-formed government, led by Mohammed Ishtayah, as the “one-party government, al-Hayya said that the formation of such government highlighted Abbas’ isolationist and monopolist policy. 

The senior Hamas official called for unifying the Palestinian people and forming a national unity government based on partnership and respect for the Palestinian constitution.

Al-Hayya proposed sending a message in the name of the Legislative Council to PM Ishtayah and every person who agreed to participate in the "isolationist" government asking them to face up to their responsibilities


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