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Press release on 71st anniversary of Nakba Day

15 May, 19

About 71 years on the worst ongoing humantarian tragedy in history, when the occupation expelled thousands of Palestinians and massacred thousands others, the Palestinian people are making this anniversary with mass protests in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the 1948 occupied territories, as well as in diaspora.

Having keen awareness and high spirits, the Palestinian people made it clear that rights are not abolished by the passage of time, so they will not waive their claim to their homeland or their right to return to their lands, no matter how much sacrifices they have made and how many generations have come.

The Palestinian people will stick firmly to their right of return to their homeland from the river to the sea sooner or later. 

The 71st anniversary of Nakba Day, which is a tragic turning point that negatively affected the life of  the Palestinian people after systematic massacres against them, theft of their land, displacement of hundreds of thousands of them, and confiscation of their wealth and properties, the Palestinian people are still entrenched in their homeland fighting for their right with great determination despite the harsh and complicated circumstances they are going through along with the Arab world and Islamic nations.   

Throughout the past year, tens of thousands of Gaza residents have been participating in the Great March of Return to demand their rights. Despite the fact that thousands of Palestinians were killed, wounded, or detained in their fight for freedom, the Palestinian people will continue resisting until the occupation ends.   

The attempts to divide the Palestinians and tarnish the image of the unified Palestinian people by judaizing Jerusalem and recognising it as the capital of the Israeli occupation, tearing the West Bank apart through settlement expansion and annexation, strangling Gaza, and passing the “Jewish Nation State” law in the occupied territories, as well as trying to liquidate the Palestine refugee issue by cutting all aid to UNRWA, in a bid to end the UN body and abolish the right of return, are doomed to failure.    

In light of these developments and serious challenges facing the Palestinian cause, Hamas states the following:

First: Hamas salutes the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the 1948 occupied territories and diaspora, calling on them to participate in the activities of Nakbh anniversary and the Million-Man March of Return.

Second: Hamas reiterates its blanket rejection to all plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause or abolishing the Palestinian rights, above all the “Deal of the Century”.  

Third: We highlight the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation with all means possible, including the armed resistance which is a strategic option to defend themselves and restore their rights. 

Fourth: The resistance weapons are a red line. The Palestinian people enjoy the right to develop their arms. Managing the option of resistance is part of managing the struggle with the Israeli occupation in a manner that preserves the Palestinian interests, defend the Palestinian people, and restore their rights.

Fifth: Hamas reaffirms its absolute rejection to all forms of political, cultural, sports, commercial normalisation with the Israeli occupation and considers it a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a violation of their rights that encourages the Israeli occupation to commit more crimes and violations against them and their holy sites.   

Hamas Movement

May 15, 2019


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