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Press release on German parliament’s resolution condemning BDS

18 May, 19

On the German Bundestag’s resolution that condemned the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) as anti-Semite, Hamas official Dr. Basem Naim states the following:

The resolution is regrettable and marks a black day in the history of human rights and freedom of expression. Germany is held responsible for its historic fault against the Jewish people and for the enormous suffering they endured during the last century. However, Germany must not correct its fault at the expense of the Palestinian people, rights, and freedom struggle against the Israeli occupation.

Unfortunately, the German Bundestag ruled on Friday that the BDS is an anti-Semitic movement, thus drawing no distinction between the Jewish people and the Israeli occupation. While Germany does so, it denies a fact proven by history, reality, and even Jews that the Jewish people and the Israeli occupation are not the same.

Therefore, we condemn passing this unfair resolution by the German Bundestag that is against the Palestinian people’s right to resist the Israeli occupation, which is the most terrible occupation in history, with all means possible, given that boycott is a peaceful means of resistance against the Israeli occupation.

On the other hand, we call on Germany to reverse this resolution for it provides support for the Israeli occupation and protects it from being held accountable for crimes committed against the Palestinian people. Moreover, this move does not serve security and stability in the region.

We expect Germany to provide support for the Palestinian people until they restore their freedom and establish their independent state.

Dr. Basem Naim

Head of Boycott Campaign & Hamas Official and

Friday, May 17, 2019


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