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Press release on US economic ‘workshop’ in Bahrain

21 May, 19

Hamas follows up with great concern the announcement by the US that it plans to hold an economic ‘workshop’ in Bahrain next June because it is the first activity carried out under the ‘Deal of the Century’ that is designed to liquidate the Palestinian issue.

Hamas warns against malicious activities aimed to pave the way for normalisation with the Israeli occupation and to involve the Arab countries practically in the “Deal of the Century”.

The deal adopts Trump-Netanyahu vision to achieve what is called ‘economic peace’, which contradicts the Arab decision and the unified Palestinian stance rejecting the Trump’s deal. Therefore, participation in the workshop is against the Palestinian, Arab, and Islamic constants.

Hamas movement is looking forward to seeing Bahrain and the Bahraini people rejecting the workshop where Israeli officials, who are killers of kids, are expected to participate.

The movement also reiterates its rejection to any political, economic, or other moves that may pave the way for the ‘Deal of the Century’.

Finally, Hamas movement calls on Arab nations to decline the US invitation to participate in the ‘workshop’, to side with the Palestinian people with all means possible, and to provide support for them to fight off and foil the US deal.

Hamas Movement

Monday, May 20, 2019


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