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Hamas meets Lebanon PM, parliament speaker

23 May, 19

A senior delegation from Hamas, led by the movement’s politburo member Ezzt al-Rasheq, met Tuesday Lebanese Prime Minister Saad el-Din al-Hariri, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and the general director of Lebanese General Security Gen. Abbas Ibrahim.

The delegation, including members of Hamas’ Arab and Islamic Relation Office Osama Hamdan and Ali Baraka and the movement’s representative in Lebanon Ahmed Abdel Hadi, discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause, the “Deal of the Century”, and the Palestinians’ situation in Lebanon.

Reiterating its rejection to the “Deal of the Century”, which abolishes the rights of the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic nations, the delegation added that the only way to foil the US-drafted deal is reinforcing the Palestinian steadfastness and backing the Palestinian people’s resistance against the Israeli occupation.        

The Hamas delegation discussed with the Lebanese leadership the Palestinian situation in the county, highlighting the importance of Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue, hoping that it would lead to granting the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon their civil and social rights.

While stressing their commitment to joint work to ensure the well-being the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the delegation highlighted the unified Palestinian stance to address all issues related to the Palestinians in Lebanon. 

The delegation talked about the situation in the Mia Mia Refugee Camp, reaffirming that Hamas is keen on persevering security and stability in the camp while rejecting any damage inflicted on the Lebanon.


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