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Press release on Israeli war crimes in Jerusalem

04 June, 19

The attacks of the Israeli occupation forces against civilian worshippers at al-Aqsa Mosque, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, amount to war crimes according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Article (8), Paragraph (2).

Furthermore, the Israeli attacks are abhorrent violations of the International Law and International Humanitarian Law, which regulate the responsibilities of an occupying power towards a people being occupied. They also guarantee the right to free worship and provide protection to religious places.

Given that international resolutions highlight that the Israeli occupation does not have the right to the holy places in Jerusalem and demand the Israeli occupation to respect the status quo, Hamas warns against the recurrent violations and attacks against the holy city and the Palestinian people there.

Indeed, the Israeli violations are a part of an Israeli scheme that aims to divide al-Aqsa Mosque spatially and temporally and such a step would trigger an upheaval in the whole region, not only in Palestine.

We stress that the Israeli occupation is held responsible for any repercussions of its flagrant violations against the Palestinian people and the sacred places. Therefore, we demand the international community to intervene in order to put an end to the Israeli violations.  

As per the international Law, the Israeli occupation has to fulfill its responsibilities, as an occupying power, towards the Palestinian people, abiding by the International Law and International Humanitarian Law.

Finally, the Israeli leaders have to be held accountable for their crimes, especially for the violations committed over the few past days in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Dr. Basem Naim

Member of Hamas International Relations Office

June 4, 2019


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