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Hamas welcomes invitation to hold a summit to face off ‘Deal of Century’

10 June, 19

Sami Abu Zohri, Hamas Official
Sami Abu Zohri, Hamas Official

Hamas official Sami Abu Zohri said Monday that his movement had received an invitation in Ramadan from an Arab official to host a Palestinian meeting aimed at facing off the “Deal of the Century”.

Abu Zohri added that Hamas welcomed this invitation, but was later told of Fatah’s refusal of this meeting.

The US is expected to reveal the economic part of its “Deal of the Century” at the Bahrain conference in late June. 

The Palestinian people along with all national factions have unanimously rejected the US-held “economic workshop” in Manama, saying that this conference is aimed at passing the “Deal of the Century” and abolishing the Palestinian rights.

The Palestinian Authority announced that it would not participate in this summit.      


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