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Press release on US envoy’s remarks about West Bank settlements

10 June, 19

Press release
Press release

Commenting on US ambassador David Friedman’s remarks about the annexation of the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, Hamas states the following:

Hamas strongly condemns the remarks made by US ambassador to Israeli occupation David Friedman in which he granted the Israeli occupation the right to confiscate and grab Palestinian lands and legalised the settlement activity in the West Bank.

We deem the Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank an assault on the Palestinian rights and a violation of UN resolutions and international law.  

Friedman’s comments came on the 52nd anniversary of the second Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) when the “Israeli army” occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip along with another Arab territory.

Through these dangerous statements, the US is perpetuating the aggression on the Palestinian people and working on liquidating the remaining Palestinian rights.

Hamas holds the US administration responsible for the repercussions of these dangerous remarks that incentivise the Israeli occupation to commit more violations against the Palestinian people and their rights and lands, stressing that all segments of the Palestinian people are determined to resist the occupation, defend their rights, and fight off the Israeli settlement expansion. 

Thus, Hamas calls on the Arab and Islamic peoples and governments along with the free people of the world to support the Palestinian people and preserve their rights and humanitarian values amid this injustice and arrogance led by the US administration.


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