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Press release on Israeli arrest campaign and raids in West Bank

11 June, 19

Commenting on the arrest campaign by Israeli occupation forces in a late-night raid on Nablus yesterday, member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran stated the following:

The arrest campaign launched by Israeli occupation military, during which a number of Hamas officials and supporters were detained, including Raafat Nasif and Adnan al-Hosari, reflects the Israeli occupation’s arrogance and oppressive policies exercised against the Palestinian people.

In light of last night’s raid on the West Bank city of Nablus by Israeli occupation forces who surrounded and opened fire on a Palestinian security site, we urge the Palestinian Authority to take a firm stance toward achieving an inclusive national unity based on preserving the Palestinian rights and facing off the Israeli occupation. 

This Israeli escalation communicates political messages. The first one reads that no safe place nor security agreements is on the ground. In addition, the second message tells that the Israeli occupation violates what it claims as its commitments under its agreements with the PA.

Therefore, embracing the option of resistance, achieving unity, and protecting the Palestinian home front is a national priority amid the harsh circumstances that the Palestinian cause is going through.

Hamas calls on the PA to end the security collaboration with the Israeli occupation officially, halt political arrests, and release all political prisoners held in its jail as part of a preliminary and reasonable reaction to the Israeli aggression against the West Bank and the PA’s security sites.  

Husam Badran

Member of Hamas Political Bureau

June 11, 2019


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