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Trump brought chaos with his deal, says Hamas official

16 June, 19

Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official
Musa AbuMarzouq, Senior Hamas Official

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq said that US President Donald Trump has brought chaos and instability to the region with his “Deal of the Century”.

On his Twitter account, Abu Marzouq wrote: “Trump’s policies won’t work out anywhere,” citing his administration’s interference in the affairs of Latin American countries and his trade war with China.

Abu Marzouq added that the US President brought unrest and chaos to the Middle East with his “Deal of the Century”, whose “destructive effects are everywhere.”

The senior Hamas official reiterated that the “Deal of the Century” would not pass, as the Palestinian people took a firm stance against the US deal.

Washington is due to unveil the economic part of the “Deal of the Century” in the Bahraini conference late June.

The US-led conference was met by wide rejection and boycott from all segments of the Palestinian people and factions along with countries in the region. 


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