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Hamas deputy chief meets with Iran security minister

16 June, 19


A delegation from Hamas, led by the movement’s deputy chief Saleh al-Aruri, met on Saturday with Iranian Security Minister Mohammed Alawi. 

The delegation, including member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran, member of Hamas’ Arab and Islamic Relations Office Osama Hamdan, and Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmed Abdel Hadi, discussed the ways to fight back the Israeli-US threats targeting the Palestinian cause, in particular, and the region, in general.

As the “Deal of the Century” looms, both sides reiterated the necessity to stay in contact to face off the challenges and dangers resulting from the US administration’s insistence to impose its deal, unanimously rejected by the Palestinian people.       

They concluded that the US deal came to only serve the Israeli interests in the region and entrench the occupation of Palestine, as well as abolishing the Palestinian national rights at the expense of the region’s security and stability.

In light of the latest decisions of US President Donald Trump, including recognising Jerusalem as Israeli occupation’s capital and moving his country’s embassy to the holy city, both sides explained that the US policy is aimed to provide a complete cover for Israeli settlement projects in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights.


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